Bombs were “gun powder” weapons

Really? Now it’s gun powder.   Looks like the Libs will be trying to ban pressure cookers now, and gun powder.  You’re not going to be reloading soon now.



At least one bomb, and possibly both, were built using pressure cookers as the superstructure, black powder or gunpowder as the explosive and ball bearings as additional shrapnel, according to current and former counter-terrorism officials briefed on the matter.,0,4548564.story

5 thoughts on “Bombs were “gun powder” weapons

  1. Hmmm… Are you sure there was nothing mention of there being any bubble gum or toilet paper in those thing? Maybe some smart ass will try to ban those dangerous items too.


  2. It makes perfect sense that with the current anti-gun hatred being fomented daily, that somewhere along the lines the issue of gunpowder would enter the picture.

    “See, if we just regulate it, *ahem*, then those eeevil right-wing racist extremists can’t be making their bombs to kill folks. Of course!”

    I jest, but….why doesn’t it sound funny?


    • Because it isn’t. This is how the left thinks. The doubts I have that this was a “domestic terrorist” are very high. The doubts that the left will exploit this are very low.


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