Supreme court rejects challenge to NY gun law

Well, appears the Supreme Court is going to IGNORE the problem at the lower levels. Tough, huh? In truth, they are going to find out about doing the right thing when this country erupts in fighting over guns.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is staying out of the gun debate for now.

The justices on Monday declined to hear a challenge to a strict New York law that makes it difficult for residents to get a license to carry a concealed handgun in public.

The court did not comment in turning away an appeal from five state residents and the Second Amendment Foundation. Their lawsuit also drew support from the National Rifle Association and 20 states.

7 thoughts on “Supreme court rejects challenge to NY gun law

    • Naw…. I’d state that we still have a chance to buy our way out. We have plenty of precious metals and minerals. Brass, Lead, Copper, sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrates. Not to mention pure, cold steel….


    • I like your version of precious metals and commodities.
      China and Europe started liquidating gold and silver.
      It looks like it won’t be long before it’s “John Wayne Time”.


    • You know, I sometimes have to wonder about John Wayne. Never served in the military, only acted. But is considered a hero by many Americans (including me) and you know why? Because he stood up as a man, he was an American, and portrayed a tough military man in movies. What’s wrong with actors today? Sissies, smart asses, Liberals… all of them. Or most anyway. So, I see “John Wayne Time” as a heroic resistance to the coming Progressive Tyranny.

      And if some foreigners think of Americans as being “Cowboys”… well, tough.


  1. Notice, Hollywood’s real combat veterans of WW2, were all quiet people. Reluctant to simply rush into anything bad. They knew what war tasted like, and it was not sweet. Always sickening. Many people today do not understand this. Any mental case can just jump head-long into any war, but it is always the combat veterans that tell people to stay calm, and do nothing rash.
    I have no idea why the USN did not give a commission to John Wayne, but perhaps he simply did not qualify for one (?). Many others were humble enlisted men. They all, did their jobs.
    Don’t be too hasty about jumping into something bad. Many will suffer needlessly, unless it is absolutely the last resort. Right now everything is all talk.
    The arrogance from the Capitol Hill Reichstag at some point will end.
    One way, or another, so let’s hope things fizzle out. At least, speaking for myself, I hope things fizzle out. Nothing good, about war. Nothing.


  2. The majority of military personnel are the most “Anti-War” people you ever want to meet, including me. None of us has a desire to fight any more. I think this is why the Left has been pressing their agenda so much, they understand this.

    However, something they do not grasp is that we will defend this country against even our own traitors within the country, because, we also understand that war while hateful, is sometimes necessary and required.


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