Breaking: FNC reporting explosions at Boston Marathon

Latest edit (16:20 ET):  This appears to have been two timed bombs from the videos I’ve watched.  I’m not going to speculate on WHO did this, but I will say this… what the HELL happened to the “Department of Homeland Security” again?  Once again they force all these drastic and idiotic “security measures’ on the public at airports, train stations and even bus stations and yet at an event like this someone let’s a bomb get through?

Seriously?  Time to shut down these damned money sucking agencies that don’t actually do what they claim to do.

Another major failure.  WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY FOR DHS? Why are they trying to TAKE OUR GUNS?


Appears there were two explosions.
Explosions happened right at 3PM Boston time, so about 29 minutes ago from now.

Confirming, three dead.

Devices were probably placed in barrels.

This is coming from the Boston Police.

More injuries…. Not good.

Edit:  At least 30 injured, 3 dead.  These are probably bombs, because at least one saw an explosion “in an object, probably a trash can”.

Boston Police are requesting all Bomb Squads to report to the finish line.  They believe they have at least one more “device”.

Security stepped up.

Another blogger has some here:

Another source just told me that 12 are confirmed dead.  I haven’t verified it myself yet.  Working this.

Other news sources are reporting at least 10 individuals with amputation injuries.

I am not going to report on the number of casualties because I don’t think there is enough information.  Fox is stating 2 dead, and a lot of injuries.  So I’ll leave it to the news.

5 thoughts on “Breaking: FNC reporting explosions at Boston Marathon

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  2. Firstly: Prayers and prayers and prayers…

    Secondly: I am betting this is Islamic terrorism. ON Patriot’s Day. If I am proven wrong, I will apologize. But I doubt I am wrong.


  3. I will… agree with you. I think this was a case of Islamic terrorism. Speculation of course, but unless it was the “Occupy Wall Street Crowd” (which it very well could be, as several of them have been arrested in the last few months for making of all things, bombs…..)

    FNC just reported “Two more devices have been found”….(16:25 ET)


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