Pew: Americans Think U.S. Should Take North Korea’s Nuclear Threat ‘Very Seriously’

And then there is this… which I think is accurate.  Most people won’t take this klown seriously (me either for that matter, but….)


A majority of Americans believe their government should be treating the nuclear threats being levied by North Korea “very seriously,” according to new findings from Pew Research Center released Tuesday.

Fifty-six percent said the U.S. should treat North Korea’s threats to use nuclear missiles against the U.S. “very seriously,” while more than a quarter said the government should be taking the threats “somewhat seriously.” A mere 14 percent said the threats should be taken “not too seriously” or “not at all seriously.” Forty-seven percent said they believe North Korea has the capability of firing a nuclear missile that can reach the United States, a perception that runs counter to the recent assessment of South Korea’s defense chief. Another plurality of 47 percent said they think North Korea is willing to make good on their threats to launch a nuclear strike on America.

6 thoughts on “Pew: Americans Think U.S. Should Take North Korea’s Nuclear Threat ‘Very Seriously’

  1. Looks like the Chinese are taking it serious now…

    Chinese City on North Korea Border Holds Drill

    BEIJING April 12, 2013 (AP)

    A northeastern Chinese city near the border with North Korea staged an air raid drill amid tensions over Pyongyang’s latest threats, state media reported Friday.

    Authorities in Huichen, a city of 250,000 people in Jilin province, sounded alarms in residential areas on Thursday morning, the China News Service reported. Participants were shown to underground shelters and the all-clear was sounded 30 minutes later, it said.


    • Makes no sense. The Chinese are holding air raid drills means anticipated air strikes from possibly US? Why not avoid air raid and tell fat kid, enough is enough? If nuke gets launched by Mr. Softy, and US counter strike, air raid precautions will not help Chinese from radiation fallout. Best to avoid fallout by stopping North Korea from being stupid. The whole thing goes against logic.
      Confucius had to say something wise, I am sure of that. If not, then I will give it a go: “Man that does not stop neighbor from doing stupid things, always ends up cleaning another person’s mess”. (How did I do?)


  2. Actually it does make sense from a Chinese standpoint. Protecting their people (and both the Chinese and Russians have fallout shelters) is one of their high importance goals. While they kill or imprison folks for speaking out, they know that man power is important in a ground war which this ultimately would become.

    Also not that at that latitude (40-42 degrees north latitude) the prevailing winds are Westerly winds (between 35 and 65 degrees). Westerlies blow FROM the West TO the East and thus any fallout would head out over the Sea of Japan (and North Korean landscape).

    Well done with Confucius… haha

    Check my last post. Japan is taking this just as seriously. In fact, if North Korea does ANYTHING Japan will react, so says the Japanese themselves.


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