Colorado: First our guns, now for the taxes

I predicted less than a day after the passing of these idiotic gun laws in Colorado that this Libtard Governor Hickenlooper and his cronies in the Legislature would go after more taxes in the state as soon as they figured out they were “getting away” with nuking our guns.

It didn’t take them long.

DENVER – The Colorado Senate will debate a health care overhaul Friday, including a universal health care proposal.

Colorado would be the first state in the nation to implement universal health care if the proposal goes forward.

The proposal by a Denver Democrat would have Colorado abandon Medicaid and Medicare entirely and move forward with single-payer health care. A 9 percent payroll tax would be required to pay for the ambitious plan, tried in no other state.

Of COURSE to be able to force single-payer health care they MUST go after those of us who actually WORK for a living.  9% of my paycheck….

I have perfectly fine health care.  How will this affect me?  Well, since I already PAY for my health care out of my paycheck, the addition of another 9% on TOP of everything – which goes to nothing FOR ME, but for others… this is Socialism, Socialized Medicine, this is “redistribution of wealth”.

Fuck Hickenlooper and Colorado.  I hope Hickenlooper finds his ass on unemployment line having to deal with the rest of welfare people soon.

I’m selling my house and leaving.  To hell with this shit.

These politicians need to be tried for treason.