Breaking: Drudge Report, Nuclear War Unavoidable

Drudge Report 4-12-13

Drudge Report 4-12-13

Well, I guess No Dong Kommie Kim the Klown is still bluffing……

However, the North has declared it is “confident of final victory” against its enemies.

“The enemies should know that it is the era of the great Marshal Kim Jong Un, leader of the most powerful country and invincible great Paektusan nation,” KCNA stated.

“The DPRK has won victories in confrontation with the U.S. in spirit and is waging an all-out action with it, with confidence in final victory.”

The torrent of war cries is seen outside Pyongyang as an effort to raise fears and pressure Seoul and Washington into changing their North Korea policies, and to show the North Korean people that their young leader is strong enough to stand up to powerful foes.

South Korea fears Pyongyang could launch now launch multiple missiles after weeks of threats, according to local reports.

Observers believe a launch is most likely in the build-up to Monday’s anniversary of the birth of late founder Kim Il-Sung, for which celebrations are already well under way in Pyongyang.

The Korean Peninsula has “been reduced to the biggest nuclear hotspot in the world”, the North said in more fiery rhetoric today, “making the outbreak of a nuclear war on this land unavoidable.”

The reclusive state is dedicated to “defending the sovereignty and dignity of the country with its own strike mode and means,” it said.

“No force on earth can block the just cause of the army and people of the DPRK,” the chilling message concluded.

5 thoughts on “Breaking: Drudge Report, Nuclear War Unavoidable

  1. A celebration suicide, set for Monday? Doubtful. The Chinese, Russians, Iranians, and who knows who else, must be screaming at the fat kid, that if anything nuclear goes off, they too, are big losers in losses of commerce and banking, not to mention at that point America would retaliate against North Korea and then possibly the old Communist Bloc would hit America to secure their pacts, and America would counter launch against them. Everybody loses. That is why I doubt it. It is too stupid of a plan and everyone knows it. This is a hyped up situation designed to cause panic and alarm. Besides, who would fight against the Patriots here in America if that all happened and Obama decided with Congress to destroy the US Constitution? It would cause mandatory conscription and retreading of old retirees, in police and military secondary support roles. It would unify America, not destroy it. North Koreans cannot be that dumb, and if they are, by some remote chance, the other Bloc nations will smarten fatboy up real quick, before any economic and financial damage is done to their own nations. China, is the key, and will defuse the situation in the eleventh hour.


  2. Horrible thought: If anything bad did happen, I can see it now, Reid, Feinstein, and Pelosi, all dressed up like Rambo, and armed to the teeth. Horrible thought!


  3. They will defend us, right? LOL!

    As far as “doubt” goes… I “doubt” it too. But as an Old Cold Warrior I am seeing the precise events, build ups, tension and belligerence we once looked for in the Soviets. In years past this was PRECISELY what we looked for building to a nuclear crisis. Granted, I think it won’t happen, calmer heads will prevail but in all honesty I don’t think everyone is all that calm.

    Remember this too, the economy – and China WOULD absolutely nuke us if we went after their economy. We would whine and piss and moan about it if they went after ours (only because of the current Administration and those in the cabinet).

    My hope is this will blow over.

    My belief is that it won’t until Monday evening our time. According to one of my sources the Norks “lowered their missile” but I’ve not gotten verification of this yet and the news isn’t saying. On the other hand, once they raise the missile and start loading fuel (liquid fuel) it has to be fired off. Why? Because it’s bloody hell dangerous to unload liquid fuel.

    I BET they fire it off on Monday (Sunday night our time probably) and if it goes even slightly off its course, one of those Aegis cruisers will blast it out of the sky. Things WILL escalate then, and the Communist Bloc you mentioned will get involved.

    The thinking of those people is that they are protecting the world from the United States – because we’re the only ones to have used a nuke (two of them) in war and they KNOW without a DOUBT we will. We’re the only ones that have used one as a first strike. Truth be told we probably would use one.

    If someone else does (North Korea) use on on someone (say Japan, one of our allies) there is no longer a question of limited nuclear war. It won’t be limited either.

    Economics be damned.

    On the bright side… maybe it WILL happen and “unify America” again – but I somehow doubt it.


    • I recall ROKs tossing VC prisoners out of a Chinook during interrogation. The ROKs are no push-overs. What have to say about all this? The Japanese are training up in San Diego by USMC, remote chance? It would be one kick-ass event and the politicians would not be able to “win hearts and minds”, by telling ROKs or Japanese to walk around with no ammunition for their weapons as the bastard politicians did to our troops in Nam. Plenty of bad blood between North and South Korea, China, and Japan, from last century. If started, nobody would be able to call them off. All of Asia would be headed for the little fat kid’s door.
      I continue to believe economics, are the key. Banks profit from war manufacturing but too much destruction of all other commerce to be considered. They won’t be fighting for ideals, they will be fighting for calories, or basic cabbage, and fatboy, loves to eat well. Very well.


  4. No, the ROKs aren’t pushovers. The Japanese and Koreans have plenty of issues, as do the Japanese and Chinese. You’re right. If it starts it won’t be a shitstorm, it’ll be hell on Earth over there.

    The thing is, the North Koreans have almost not outside news coverage (if they get any at all). The entire country is full of brainwashed people who believe this kid is a god. IF he says he’s going to attack, his military (for the most part, there is some question about loyalty right now for sure) would do what he asked.

    There is no “economics” in North Korea. There is starvation. Nothing more. The North Koreans have no idea what the rest of the world thinks or can do to it.

    Is the fat kids crazy? Probably not. Evidence says he smart. He went to college in another country – Switzerland and who knows what he learned there, whether he got any “Westernization”. One thing for certain he was exposed to other cultures and HE knows what he world thinks of him and his country. That his people know nothing at all about the outside world is a certainty.

    Will he lower himself to send a nuke to Tokyo? Probably not. Will he launch a missile as a “statement to the world”? Absolutely.


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