Live tracking North Korean Satellite

EDIT:  Satellite about to pass over central US.  If they haven’t launched the two missiles off their coast yet, then things are going to be normal the rest of today.
The next pass puts the satellite over Alberta Canada and Washington State, then out to the Pacific….

Things about to go hot…..

This is the tracking of the Korean Satellite.

It is coming over Greenland right now and will travel over the DC area, NYC etc shortly

Next pass in about 90 minutes or so will put it over the center of the USA, Minn, then Nebraska and Kansas.

Optimum location for an EMP strike.

By the way, I am told by several news sources that the two missiles DPRK is choosing to launch are now standing in an upright position and ready for launch….

Wiki entry on the satellite:

Web site for live tracking specific to the KWM3-2:

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    • Listen to me, I read your work, and I have a fairly good handle on your thinking. You, are never “wrong”, but only “mistaken”, or possibly “a little bit incorrect at times”, but never, ever, “wrong”. In fact, I would trust your Command Decisions, above about 95% of the general population, and there are a handful of people having that distinction as we know most of each other.


  1. hahaha. Thanks for the comments, I think. I’m wrong a lot. But on the other hand as a former military person I’ve had to make a few “command decisions”. I’m still alive and kicking.


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