Is the world getting ready for a nuclear conflict?

The other day I posted a conspiracy-minded message…. because frankly I pay a LOT of attention to other countries like Russia, China, North Korea and the rest of the Trans-Asian Axis and there is more going on than most people ever pay attention to in the world.

In the past week the Chinese moved large numbers of troops along the northern border of North Korea.

North Korea has been stirring the pot, constantly for weeks, threatening nuclear war, posting images of Washington burning (we could only be so lucky) and in general keeping tensions high on the Korean Peninsula.

The Russians, in addition to claiming the US is causing provocation, they have been loudly proclaiming they will protect North Korea, Putin made a comment yesterday that an “incident” in Korea would “make Chernobyl look like a fairy tale”.   In the last 24 hours, the Soviets… er… I mean “The Russians” have been running ICBM drills. A couple of days ago they were flying Backfire bombers around Guam, doing practice runs on US Missile Defense assets.

A couple of days ago the US canceled a missile test,  so, you know, we won’t provoke anyone…

Today I read we grounded more US military aircraft due to the so-called budget cuts (which we know there are no cuts, in fact the newest “budget” contains a trillion in spending…).

In all seriousness here, tensions are high over Korea.  The Russians and Chinese are pushing the envelop to the very limit, and North Korea is rattling its saber for a reason.  No Dong Un – I mean Kim Jong-Un can’t win a war with the United States, and probably couldn’t win one against South Korea or Japan.  He’s constantly (if not him, previously it was his father) blackmailing the United States with these impotent threats.  The Korean Klown is merely shaking the hornet’s nest to piss off the bees.  Eventually, he will get stung.

Since he isn’t, I don’t think all that stupid regardless of his age, he is doing this at the behest of someone else.  He knows that if he launches a missile and it goes errant, or flies over Japane or South Korea, or flies in the direction of Guam that it will ultimately be shot down.  Then he will sink another ship.  And escalate this to the point of no return.

He absolutely is counting on China’s protection and Russia’s backing when his ass gets burned he’ll run to Mother Russia or Father China asking for his wounds to be kissed; and for revenge.  And he will get it from those countries too.

All this is leading up to something… something will snap eventually.

Do you anti-gun people honestly want Americans to be disarmed?  Really?




4 thoughts on “Is the world getting ready for a nuclear conflict?

  1. Look at it this way:
    A) If “Mr. Softy” in North Korea, he will probably hit his barber’s shop, the way their missile track record goes.
    B) What is the UN doing? Nothing.
    C) This is stress that only Obama deserves.
    D) I doubt if Putin will do anything because Obama has no money to fight them and the Patriots.
    E) US government is on their own; MOLAN LABE!


  2. I have looked at it from several points of view. Let me respond.

    A) The missiles are not called “Nodongs” for a reason. :)

    B) Who cares what the UN is doing? They never do anything, or more accurately, they always do nothing…
    C) Obama isn’t stressed at all over this, I think he’s involved in it somehow. I think he is culpable when it comes to gutting the US Defenses.

    D) Putin is not as much an enigma as you give him credit. He’s a hard core communist and wants to see the Soviet Union revived. He WILL do something because they are itching for a fight with the US. More to the point, they are itching to take over the USA and will with the help of their millions of spies here in America (called Progressives).

    E) Indeed they are on their own. Except for all of us. The Government is supposed to be US – not “Them”. Somehow that little aspect of the whole Constitution is being ignored and we are considered “them, the evil ones” now by “Them, the government.” There’s a thin line between We the People and them the Government. It’s called the Second Amendment.

    Molon Labe!


  3. I could see the possibility of a limited nuclear engagement which is why survival and prepping skills are more important now than ever.


  4. Let’s hope there is not any sort of engagement. I posted a bit about this today though. tracking the satellite. It goes over central US (Kansas) soon. Will be over the Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri lines in about… probably 50ish minutes. I’d think if that satellite (the North Korean one) is live and they plan to use it, their launch of the two “test missiles’ will be soon, in the next 45 minutes or something.

    We do a shoot down, they get mad, they detonate a nuke over the US (EMP) and things get rough from there….

    But this is all supposition on my part. The timing of getting those test missiles in readiness and the time of orbit of that satellite are… more than coincidental.


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