Anti-Gun, Anti-Second Amendment Comments

I just wanted to point something out to the Left leaning, Liberal, Progressive, Communists out there reading my blog.  Good for you, pay attention and you will LEARN something.
But let me also point out something else.  In the United States of America you have a right to your opinion.  You also have a right to keep your opinion to yourselves.  I don’t give a shit what you think about guns, me, the Second Amendment.  YOU ARE THE ENEMY of this country.  Not me.  Not gun owners.

Your remarks will not be approved here ( yes I read them all), they will be ignored.  I don’t care to hear your rants, raves or attacks on me, my family, guns, or the Second Amendment.

I intend to STOP you people from destroying my country any further.  Find another outlet for your frustration, your trash, and your accusations, because I’ll not give you voice.

Communism, “Progressives” (Commies in disguise), Liberals and even a lot of Democrats are nothing more than mouth pieces for the Alinsky-Obama-Jarret triade, and yes, I think you are all criminals.  You flaunt the US Constitution back in our faces with your “Rights” while trying to undermine the Constitution itself.

I’m done listening to, giving any voice too, or giving any credence to ANYTHING you have to say.  As far as I am concerned anything coming out of your mouths or keyboards is a lie.

I’ll leave you with this last thought, then I’ll expect you to fade away into the sunset.  IF your argument that the Second Amendment didn’t MEAN “Weapons of War” then the First Amendment, by your OWN LOGIC must not have included computers, printers, mass media, television and cable news and MUST have been limited only to a quill pen, a piece of parchment, ink pot and the very rare and occasional printing press.

Now, go away.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Gun, Anti-Second Amendment Comments

  1. They came over to my site and did the same thing. They voiced complaints, cried, hacked and hacked, tried viruses, and what it comes down to is, they are free to leave this country if they have a problem with the United States Constitution, and we do not want them back. Thursday, April 11, 2013, is a very dangerous vote concerning the United States Constitution. On Friday, it would not surprise me one bit, if there is a shortage of politicians, because what is being perpetrated will cause many to take action and then we all lose. Over 300 million guns and only God knows how many tons of ammunition (yes, tons!) are in the hands of the People already. If the American People wanted gun control of any sort, guns would never have been purchased but the People know better. The Traitors on Capitol Hill, may end up not being shot, but hanged. Nothing funny about this. The smartest thing to do is walk away from any attempted destruction of the US Constitution because many will Defend it, and what it Affirms, that only God grants us these Freedoms, as men are corruptible. The entire situation is extremely bad. The Dinner of Traitors, tonight Wednesday, April 10, 2013, at the White House. The vote on Thursday. We might not reach Friday under this current government or its politicians. Very bad, but the politicians continue to push and there may possibly be extreme violence as result, then who, is to blame? If anyone does not like America, leave immediately. I kid you, not. I truly hope that I am mistaken, but it does not appear that way. BLUE HELMETS WILL BE KILLED, and if captured, executed summarily, from what I have been reading, and that means nobody will help us or this nation should war break out. Looks like Obama, is getting his wish to destroy America.


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