ALERT! Congressional Vote on Gun Bills on Thursday

Matt Bracken gave me the heads up on this on Facebook last night.    Here’s the link to the Levin show:

Just in case there is ANY doubt about this…

The Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights does NOT GIVE us our rights, it AFFIRMS them and that Congress and no man can take them FROM us. No man includes the President, the Congress or the Supreme Court. no MAN, no Government may touch those rights.

This “vote” to get this bill through Congress (across a hurdle) is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL.

Congress needs to understand that we WILL NOT ALLOW THIS.

This is the LAST CHANCE we have to tell them in writing, before the bullets start flying guys.

Some fucking RINOS are voting with them. Eight Republicans. I don’t know WHO said they would vote with them, but trying to find out right now. Either way we have to get to these people before tomorrow.

Folks, this is absolutely beyond the pale.

The Second Amendment is what protects our entire existence.  Without it, America IS NO MORE.  The Liberals and Progressives KNOW this and they are doing everything in their power right now, short of rounding up each and everyone one of us and putting us in prison or executing us (because they KNOW we would fight back).  When they “legally” ban guns, eviscerate the Second Amendment the rest of the Constitution will be completely null and void at their whim.

This crap stops.  Now.  Get on the phone, flood Congress with calls.  TODAY.  Don’t argue with me about how it won’t work, they don’t listen, and all that other lame assed bullshit I hear so much.

Get ON THE PHONE AND CALL THE CAPITOL.  Tell them “Gun Owners WILL GO TO WAR over this.”  Make this CLEAR to them.  We will no sit by any longer.  Don’t threaten anyone, just make it absolutely CLEAR to the Congressional offices you call that they have overstepped their bounds.  We must stand united.

Or as Franklin put it, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”.