Ridiculous Liberals posting comments on this site.

So, Friday I got “spammed” by this wannabe do-gooder.  She hit about 3 different threads and posted four different comments.

Basically, she is calling me (and the rest of you) “Raving lunatics” and so on which is usual for these idiot Liberals.

They are “proud to be liberal” or Democrat, or Socialist, or Progressive, or even Communist.  They are all one-in-the same though and they don’t even KNOW how brainwashed they’ve become watching television.

For the record below, I’ll point out that I was attempting to explain that I’ve been to nearly 50 countries – because I’ve got a little better “World View” than most people.  I stated I was finacially and mentally stable and she somehow believed I was bragging I make a lot of money (I don’t, I said I was STABLE, meaning I make enough to survive and put away some savings, got rid of my debt and don’t owe shit to no one, expecially not a Liberal like this woman).

I don’t own “automatic weapons” and I doubt most of my followers and friends do.  Even if I don’t, it doesn’t mean I could not.  I have no criminal record, I’m not a mental misfit like Liberals and Democrats, and I hold a clearance with the government.  Think I can’t get automatic weapons if I wanted to, Diane?  Damned right I can.  I’d pass every barrier you might throw in front of me too.

See what really pisses these people off the most is she didn’t get me mad, I didn’t start calling her names, I am a normal, everyday person and just like her and everyone else, I feel horrible that children died.

And again, for the record, you idiot, the guy doing the shooting had four handguns with him as well.  If you don’t think someone can get off the same number of shots with that many hand guns, you are STILL an idiot.

I’m posting this for the world to see.  Diane Hinkle is one of the enemy.  She has NO idea she is an enemy, she thinks we gun owners are the bad guys.  She believes that she has a RIGHT to scream and yell at me, an innocent person and to take my guns away.

She stated as much below “You talk about your right to bear arms, but what about my right to live?”

Seriously?  What ABOUT your right to live?  Go live your life and leave mine alone.  Leave all of us gun owners alone.

Criminals WILL get guns with those background checks in place because, princess, CRIMINALS DON’T FUCKING CARE IF YOU LIVE OR DIE.  I DO.  I would stand there and defend your life against a criminal and I’d be willing to bet every man and woman reading this blog would too; IF they are gun owners.  None of them would turn their backs on your sorry ass and ignore your pleas for help.  Not ONE of them.

Now, Diane, I want you to know that you’ve been placed in the spam pile.

As of today I won’t tolerate your language and attacks on my person, or any other gun rights person.  You won’t get a comment in edgewise here.  If you want to respond, do it some other fucking place.

You do NOT have a right to express your opinion on my blog or any of my web sites.  I’ve got your IP address and know who your service provider is.  I have your alleged email address as well.

Freedom of speech implies responsibility.  Whe someone like you lies and then tries to turn it around on someone like me who hasn’t told ONE lie on my blog (I only post facts and some opinion) then you are nothing but a dirt bag.

Don’t come back.  Don’t bother me.  Don’t cry when a criminal hurts you because you are afraid of guns.  But don’t blame it on the fucking gun, blame it on the criminal.

Now, Diane. Go fuck yourself.


Below are the comments from the… Libtard.

Patriots In Connecticut: LEAVE. NOW. ASAP. GET OUT. Gun Confiscation Is NEXT

Diane Hinkle
(email and IP address deleted)

Submitted on 2013/04/05 at 16:27

You are a raving lunatic! I don’t give a rats a** how much so called education you have. You talk about the Democrats being Communist and you say I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m a proud Democrats and I’m not a Communist. It’s painfully obvious that you haven’t had any therapy but you really should. I know enough about the second amendment to know that it doesn’t say you can have automatic weapons. None of what you said made any sense to me. Why should I care how many countries you’ve been to, or how much money you have? A person isn’t defined by how much money he or she has. You’re defined by how much love and compassion you have for others. But it’s really hard to care about anyone who spouts nothing but hate and lies.


Patriots In Connecticut: LEAVE. NOW. ASAP. GET OUT. Gun Confiscation Is NEXT

Diane Hinkle

Submitted on 2013/04/05 at 15:05

What the hell is wrong with you people? Oh my God! Read the facts and you’ll see that no one is coming after your guns. I can’t even begin to understand what it must be like to live in your paranoid world.


Colorado Group Recalling Anti-2nd Amendment State Senate President Morse

Diane Hinkle

Submitted on 2013/04/05 at 14:59

You people are crazy. This new gun legislation is to help make it harder for criminals, mentally ill people, and terrorists to get guns. But you don’t care. You are, in a sense, advocating murder. You talk about your right to bear arms, but what about my right to live?


Anne Arundel’s Dwyer calls for ‘militia’ as gun control vote nears

Diane Hinkle

Submitted on 2013/04/05 at 14:51

You are crazy. Common sense gun control is not a way to take anyone’s guns away. You nuts are saying that it is okay to murder people even if those murdered are babies. You don’t belong in a sane society. You are just the kind of nut that shouldn’t have a gun.

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