Invasion America?

Too much conspiracy theory?  Those who know me personally and over the internet know I’m not anywhere NEAR what you might call a conspiracy theorist. In fact, I spent many years tearing them apart.  But today something occurred to me, and sure, this is all supposition, but really – North Korea, Russia, China?  Anti-gun commies in America?  Ammo is being snapped up?  The AP is claiming it’s all a rumor the government is hoarding ammo (when it’s absolutely TRUE, I’ve read the bloody contracts for several agencies MYSELF).  Something is up besides trying to disarm Americans.  Something bigger than all of us.  What is it?  Why now?  Comments welcome….

Here’s the deal.

1) Ammo is FLYING off the shelves now. Not just flying, vaporizing. In the last three or four days I’ve had a dozen calls asking me (me??? I’m not an expert, just a usually-quiet prepper) where to get ammo (friends calling). They can’t find it. I’ve found several tiny articles today like one from the AP which is claiming the 1.6 billion bullets is a rumor generated by ammo companies (or someone) to get this to happen.

2) It’s TRUE that the government bought all those bullets. 1.6 billion rounds counted out on various contracts with different agencies.

3) Russia is running sorties against missile defense in Asia.

4) China is moving massive numbers of troops (more than being reported by the news).

5) North Korea is posturing,  causing a problem. Pushing us and others to the very brink of using nukes.

6) American politicians – specifically people like Obama, Bloomberg and some states are attempting to BAN guns, magazines, bullets, whatever they can in an effort to disarm us.

7) The stock market is climbing and poised for a massive fall….

What IF as we’ve all been thinking I’m sure, this is all part of a very large plan? Americans are being “disarmed” by the very fact we can’t get bullets.

WHAT IF next week North Korea does something stupid, sets off a nuke. What IF we respond? What IF Russia responds to our response? What IF China also responds to our response? What IF this is the way John Titor (ok pulled that right out of ass) is Right? Cities get nuked. We get invaded.

Americans arm up as best they can and fight as best they can.

The REAL Red Dawn coming?



EDIT: John Titor, an alleged “Time Traveler” who appeared on a site I ran in 1999 and vanished into thin air in late 2000 or so after getting everyone in an uproar about “how things are in his time line” including having been “nuked” around 2014, “lots of little Wacos”, “gun control” and other similar things.  I personally had contact with the guy through email and chat rooms, but never believed anything he said.  But… now I am wondering. haha.

3 thoughts on “Invasion America?

  1. You are giving waaay too much credence toward a capability for organized planning current Americans haven’t got. We can’t get the simplest laws through Congress, yet you think SOMEBODY is on top of a plan this complex and well-backed??? Yes, I get that fear is sort of a default setting for humans, but do I think any of your list items are causally connected – no. Even achieving a long-lasting, supportive marriage is “too hard” for half of those who try.


    • No, no, you misunderstood me. I don’t BELIEVE “somebody” is at the top of a complex plan at all. I’m just asking questions. Sometimes I make “predictions” of things, and they almost never come true. Perhaps in my mind I’m trying to make a prediction that won’t come true! :) I’ve worked in and for the government for enough years (37) to realize that there aren’t any evil geniuses involved in trying to rule the people. There are a few odd local level tyrannical bureaucrats who honestly need to have their asses kicked, but committing an over-reaching conspiracy to “destroy America” from within has to come from better, well-connected sources, not unlike this group currently in control of the White House (the Progressives, Marxists, Alinskites). Thanks for the remarks.


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