EMP threat?

A few weeks back the North Koreans made a huge stink in the world when they launched a “satellite” into space.  That payload is still tumbling through space on a polar orbit.  It occurred to me that perhaps the payload might have been a test to see if they could orbit something; in fact most of the experts in field believe this is what they accomplished.

However, there is now some “concern” in the field of Missile Defense that the North Koreans might have actually orbited a nuclear bomb, a small one to be sure, not anything that would be any bigger than say the Hiroshima bomb. 

In case you are not aware, Electromagnetic Pulse can be generated with an atomic or thermonuclear device at a few dozen miles above the Earth.  Assuming (and of course this is a low probability) they orbited a nuke of any sort and can remotely detonate the device there is a possibility this alleged device could create an EMP over the US.

There is plenty of evidence to show EMP could cripple the US (or any other country for that matter) and this isn’t a laughing matter. 


On top of all of this, the Chinese have decided to move large numbers of troops along the Northern border.  They have decided to push for “operations in an EMP environment” (www.china.org.cn/china/2013-04/01/content_28422591.htm) and the Russians have decided to accuse the US of provocation.

As an old, retired “Cold Warrior” from the 70’s and 80’s I am giving my personal warning that something “is up”.  We’re watching the old Cold War Signs we worked hard to observer before the Russians would jump the gun and nuke the US.  I can’t emphasize how serious this situation is, regardless of Comical Kim.  While he is probably the most impotent leader in the world, he commands a rather large army, does have atomic bombs, can possibly install them on missiles and is as unstable as nitroglycerin.

The Communists band together for the purpose of destroying Capitalism, which places Russia (a supporter of North Korea anyway) and China (an ally of North Korea in the Korean War my father fought in) firmly in the Court of Comical Kim.

If that tumbling satellite happens to have a bomb on it, and it happens to be detonated above the US the EMP generated will take out power grids in a very wide foot print (depending on the altitude, and geo-location of the blast).  Such an event could trigger a much, much larger, more serious event than a DPRK Comedy Show.

Certainly, the US would retaliate and Pyongyang would be a glowing hole in the surface of the planet.  But there is China and Russia, both with nuclear weapons, mostly aimed at the US and allies. 

The continued blackmail cycles that Kim has taken us through (from his father first and now him) have to stop.  The cycle must be broken here and now and before the next incident actually takes us not to the brink of nuclear war, but into Armageddon.

Patriots, if you’re NOT prepared yet for what is coming you’d better take some time now to get right with God, your family and get your shit together.  I can tell you that I’m rarely right in any of my “global predictions” – but I can also tell you that what I am seeing isn’t just some lame brained dufus peasant rattling his crappy wooden stick at the Roman Empire. 

We’re looking at the one guy who has the ability to create a situation that drags the United States, Russia and China – not to mention other allies of the US into global thermonuclear war.

The current administration in the US has us in turmoil over gun rights; this is planned in my opinion, and this North Korean thing is either a Wag-the-Dog situation to keep us from paying attention to things closer to home, or it (with the involvement of Russia and China) are planned events to disarm the public, and turn over the land mass and slaves in America to the Communists.

Maybe I’m being over dramatic and this is nothing more than another Korean Kommiety Show – I don’t know, but I don’t have a good feeling about any of this.